At the Capitol Today

Here we are at the Capitol. There was a heavy presence of law enforcement around. One of our students spotted a police officer with a machine gun on the steps of the capitol building. We saw lots of other cops around. Understandable after the Bin Laden news last nite.

The kids had a good time on the Capitol Tour. The building is just so lovely...and our guide was very knowledgeable. We were able to stand right on the spot where John Adams sat while in the House of Representatives. So, I thought that was very cool. We ate lunch in the caf in the basement and then headed off to the Holocaust Museum over by the Smithsonian. We have ridden the Metro all day today and we didn't lose anyone...thank god.

This is a great bunch of students and we are having a wonderful time. Tomorrow we are off to the FBI, all the National Monuments, and Arlington National Cemetery...which I think is a very cool place. Wednesday morning is the ATF...and the kids are looking forward to that.