Today was our first full day in Washington DC. It's pretty amazing to look around and notice how different things are from our small town of Canton MO. For instance, I have never really seen the president, on anything other then the T.V. that is, but today when his motorcade drove through a random street downtown and I watched in awe, the man standing next to me just looked on and casually said, "ya they come through here all the time" thats something that they obviously take for granted.

The first visit we had today was to the nations capitol, which we had to enter underground due to the enhanced security since 9/11. Inside I was amazed to see all the different statues from all 50 states, apparently, every state gives two statues to the capitol. Another thing I found out today, although it may be a little off topic, is that I am allergic to something here in DC, some kind of pollen or tree or something, not being allergic to anything at home and this being my first experience with allergies, it was not a fun thing at all haha.

The next stop to the day was the holocaust museum, it took us about 3 hours to get through but was worth every minute of it. It's a really sad thing to see, but I appreciate that I was lucky enough to see it in my lifetime, really makes you appreciate everything you have.

We also ate at Buca De Bebo tonight, an Italian family style diner. which was delicious!!

Tomorrow we wake up at 6 am to start the day so it will be a long day but if it's anything like today it should be fun!