Tuesday - Dylan

Yesterday was a very cool day. We went to the FBI, Arlington National Cemetery, as well as a tour of the monuments.
The FBI was our first stop, it took us the same amount of time to get through the security there as the time we spent there. The whole place really did just remind me of a College of some kind. But it was a very cool thing to find out that our rescue team can be anywhere in the WORLD in less than nine hours.
Next was Arlington National Cemetery, this was a very somber place, well it should have been. The Kennedy memorial as well as the changing of the guard has been something I have wanted to see for quite some time. I saw it on TV once and was told its just not the same experience as to seeing it in person. They where right, in person you really feel the impact of what this means to the guards that do this Ceremony.
After the Monuments tour we came back to the Hotel and we were all just so worn out. We went to dinner and when we got back we fell asleep by 8:30 and just woke up this morning which is why I am late on Blogging.