Well the trip to DC has come to an end. This has been hands down one of the most amazing and moving experiences of my life. We visited the capitol, the monuments of Washington, the Holocaust museum, the FBI, and the ATF. I have to say the Holocaust museum and the ATF were my favorite experiences. Matter of fact I believe I have changed my career path because of this trip.

While visiting the ATF we talked to a SRT agent. SRT stands for Special Response Team, basically he works full time as a member of SWAT. After his presentation, I was so moved I asked him simply "how do I become you?" after a lengthy explanation I am now very for sure that THIS is what I want to do with my life.

The trip home was surprisingly quite painless. We made it through airport security in about 30 minutes and the flight attendants on our flight were absolutely halarious which made the flight home quite fun, after the flight I rode with one of my good friends "theater guy" and we had some good laughs talking about the trip and talked seriously about our next moves in our career paths. We arrived home at around 12:30.

All in all, this trip was absolutely amazing, and because of the people I met on this trip, I will make sure, I end up there again someday, only next time, it will be for a career.