Ryan Javan

Today was are last day in Washington D.C. and its to bad. We finished up our trip by visiting the ATF last. The building was unbelievable when we arrived. The tour guides also first explained the structure and how it was designed in so many ways for protection. However though the tour had its ups and downs. It seemed that the guides were not allowed to show us very much because all we were able to see was the entrance to the building, the outside, and their auditorium. We sat in a class room which I would say was the best part of the trip. There were three people who presented different things the ATF does. Two of them just used a slide show with some interesting photos but the last one was the best. He brought in all the guns they use and all the gear the special ops have. On top of that we were allowed to hold and feel all the stuff. Overall though this trip has been one of the best times of my life. We experienced so many things I never have thought I would have in my lifetime. Its to bad we had to leave because I can tell there is still so much more we could have done with maybe a little bit more time.