Final Post- Dylan

On our final day their we were able to visit the ATF, and it was by far the best experience of the whole trip. We really learned the ins and outs of the ATF which is so much more than I thought we were going to experience. The two tour guides we had were special agents who have done just about everything that you could do in the ATF minus the ATF's version of the "swat." We also met a man from the ATF's Swat unit, this man was one of the coolest individuals I have ever met. I was able to try on his equipment and hold his M4 rifle.
The trip back was a long one we sat in the airport for quite some time but had a great flight crew. I ended up back at Culver about one AM this morning. Over all I really enjoyed the trip and wish it could have been longer there are so many things that we were not able to see because of the time constraints. I am looking forward to doing this trip again my senior year!