Last Day in D.C- McKenzie

Yesterday was our last day in D.C. So for our last tour we had the oportunity to vist the ATF building and have a the chance to learn about the different responsibilities they have through displays in their lobby. They also explained that their building was one of the first build to withstand attacks to it. We were then moved into their training room so we could hear from two agents. The first guy works mainly with investigating and recovering bombs and other firearms from cases. Then we listened to the last guy who works with their special ops department and were shown all the weapons and equipment that they use. It seemed most people enjoyed getting to handle the gear shown. Since our tour at the ATF lasted longer than expected we all just headed back to Arlington to have a late lunch then back to the hotel to wait for the bus. The airplane trip back to St. Louis was interesting since our pilot kept cracking jokes before we even took off and had the whole plane laughing. All in all this trip has had to be my most favorite one I've taken for a class . Even though there were things we didn't get to see it still was an awesome time since most of the historic landmarks and the FBI and ATF, which I wouldn't get the chance to tour them if I went with my family.