Kaitlynn: DC Day 1

So, today started out kinda crappy.  We all got to the airport and had to wait about an hour and a half just to get out luggage checked!  Then we had to go through security, which wasn't that bad.  After security, Kaylie and I decided to go get pizza though because we were hungry.  Only come to find out that we were going to be boarding soon.  So Kaylie and I thought that it would be fine if we waited just a little bit before we got in line, but we didn't realize it wasn't arranged sitting, it was just first come first serve.  So, I being the freshman let Kaylie go sit with everyone in the back and I sat next to a lady with two kids.  They were really cute at first, and then the boy, who was a year and 1/2 started crying and would not stop until about 2 minutes outside of Baltimore.  After we got off the flight, the day got so much better, minus the whole rain part at the airport and on our way to Arlington, but other than that it has been great!  I have already been able to make new friends with some of the other people on this trip I have never talked to before.  I got to walk around with Kaylie, Jeremy, Scott, Caleb, Brett, and Quinn most of the night tonight and just have a ton of fun!  And another bonus to tonight is that Bin Laden was killed and the US has custody of his body!! Woot Woot USA!! :)
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