Kaitlynn: DC Day 2

Sooo, today was abosolutely AWESOME!!!!  I had such an amazing time! The capital was unbelievable with all of the statues and everything!  I especially liked the security gaurd when we were heading up to take a group picture, because he had his binaculures and everything going on.  It was really cool to see someone like that in action, because he was really trying to make sure we weren't causing any trouble.  The next thing however, was the Holocaust Museum.  That was so sad!  I almost lost it just at the beginning when we first got off the elevator.  The pictures and desciptions made everything so much more real that it was insane.  The museum had such a greater impact on me than anything I have ever learned about the Holocaust!  Another thing though that bothered me was dinner.  I have a feeling that is just because I am such a picky eater.  The ending to today was pretty awesome though, as well as the beginning.  I loved beinging able to just come back to the holel and relax.  I also loved being able to hangout with everyone when we all went swimming and played 'Marco/Polo.'  That was definately a GREAT way to end my day!! :)
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