Kaitlynn: DC Day 3

Today we had to get up extra early so that we could go to the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.  The FBI was amazing!  I have always wanted to go there and see what it was like.  My parents and family friends have always joked around with me about trying to join the FBI.  The only problem with this would be that everyone knows that I have a serious problem with listening to authority.  I would love to one day be able to join the FBI, but I definitely have to learn how to listen to what others tell me, rather than being so independent and such a smartass.  Anyways, we got to tour the FBI, and we were able to see a lot of different facilities.  I really wish we would have been able to see more of the behavioural unit, but at least I got to take a picture with Hannibal Lector.  I loved being able to take so many photos of everything today.  It will definitely help me remember all of the fun times I had today.
After the FBI we went to see many of the monuments in Washington, DC.  I especially loved the Lincoln Monument, but I was completely upset that they were doing construction on the reflection pool.  I was really looking forward to getting to see the Washington monument with the reflection pool leading to the Lincoln monument, but hopefully if I ever get a chance to go back to DC, the reflection pool will not be under construction.  We also went to Arlington Cemetery which was completely moving.  There were so many more tombstones that what I thought there would be.  The tomb of the Unknown Solider definitely kept my attention the most at Arlington today.  They had two different ceremonies take place, each of which was very controlled.  When the guards exchanged places, it was really cool to watch one of the men looking over the gun befog they were able to change.  Also, the wreath ceremony was pretty cool because I got to hear Taps played on a bugle, which I have never seen or heard in person before.  Another monument place we went to today was the Vietnam Memorial, United States Air Force Memorial, and the Korean memorial.  Each one of these memorials was moving in its own way, and I was so happy that I got to take pictures at most of them before my camera died at Arlington.  Thankfully I was able to use the camera on my phone too.